KonoSuba! In the Life! Cont. Translation

Greetings everyone, I’m CyanideBlizzard.

You probably have no clue who I am, but that’s not important.  What is, is that with the translation skills of Gungnir Heart, and some very skilled people assisting us, we’re continuing with the translation of KonoSuba! In the Life!

yuNS had first started the translation, and since Feburary 1st of 2017 we have continued it at a very casual pace.  Right now, we are doing so in our spare time and making sure we not only capture an accurate translation but also an authentic one to the way yuNS approached it and also to the series itself.  We are fans of KonoSuba first and foremost, and believe in representing the series as best as we possible can.

yuNS, while not an active member, has been constantly kept in the loop and will still be a part of the project to confirm our work and contribute when possible.  We take great pride in continuing yuNS’ work, and want them to approve what we’ve done before we go any further with it since their name is on this project as well.  This is our first endeavor in a project of such a magnitude, and we want this to be as good as it can be before putting it out there.

We also wanted to release the fully patched game once everything has been translated, QC’ed and approved.  That way, you can fully enjoy this fun little game that tachi made without hitting any brick walls with either language or quality.  We will, however, not be touching any of the game play aspects.  We want to bring to you as authentic of an experience as possible and as a result this is only a translation and not any sort of a fix or modification.

As according to yuNS’ website so far the list of completed translated items is as follows

– Skill Names: 100%
– Quest Names: 100%
– Boss events: 100%
– Combat System: 100%
– Menus: 100%
– Quest Descriptions: 30%
– Dialogue: 10% (only necessary/explanatory dialogue has been TLed and scripted)

What we’ve been doing so far is going through and double-checking the original translation in case there might of been any mistakes that slipped by, as well as covering any parts that yuNS did not cover prior.

As of March 24th, Gungnir Heart estimates that we currently have reached roughly the 50% point for translating the main dialogue.  After the translation is finished, we will be QC’ing that section as well as having yuNS confirm the script before going forward.  So far, we have QC’ed the introduction segment and a few other areas as well, and will be covering the main story once the translation is finished.

We don’t plan on posting much, as we want to devote what we can to our efforts, but we will be around on here should anyone have any questions!