KonoSuba! In the Life! Story Translation Complete

Greetings once again, fellow adventurers!

Fantastic news today, as Gungnir Heart just finished the last section required for the story.  What does this mean? That everything, apart from Quests and doing some final checking on other segments, has been translated!

Wait, weren’t we already done with the story since we completed Chapters 1 – 4 before?  Yes and no.  We completed the main story elements, but the side stories were still untranslated as they were separate instances outside of the chapter sections.  However, now those are done as well which fully completes the story of KonoSuba! In the Life!

To expand upon yuNS’ list, the completion list now looks like this.

– Skill Names: 100%
– Quest Names: 100%
– Boss events: 100%
– Combat System: 100%
– Menus: 100%
– Quest Descriptions: 30% (TL has started)
– Dialogue: 100% (Currently in QC)

We’re also thrilled to release that, out of the four documents this has been divided into, document #1 has completed QC!  What this means is the document will now be awaiting approval from yuNS before being marked off as ready to release.  We’ve already begun the process of QC for document #2, and with the completion of #3 today we’ll be starting on that once #2 has been finished.  With the amount of QC work increasing, we are thrilled to bring on the second component of Gungnir Heart, Poitriot .

To give you a bit of information behind this team that is making all of this happen, Gungnir Heart is composed of a two-person team.  The main translator of this project, and translator for Gungnir Heart, is NinetyTwo.  The second component of that team is Poitriot, who handles the QC and TS for Gungnir Heart, and they have now joined us to help alleviate the larger workload that has recently developed.  I’ve generally referred to NinetyTwo as Gungnir Heart, as the group will be credited on the title screen with yuNS.


While this is not an official logo for Gungnir Heart, this is what will be used for the game.  Everyone else will be credited in the ending credits.  Myself included.

This is a really big point for me, personally speaking, as I get to pitch in to a far greater degree and start play testing in order to make sure everything looks professional as well.  This is something that has been done during various points in this process, but now with the main story translation done I can really start to comb through the game and see if there was anything that I missed as well as the presentation of the text and general layout.

We absolutely cannot wait to present this to you, and each progress report brings us that much closer as well.

Until next time, try not to let Wiz sell you anything from her shop.

2 thoughts on “KonoSuba! In the Life! Story Translation Complete

    • Thank you for the support! We’re trying to get this game released as soon as possible so everyone can enjoy the entirety of the game. We know everyone’s itching for more Konosuba after the wonderful Season 2 aired last season. So we’re really working at finishing this very soon!


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