KonoSuba! In the Life! Translation Progress Report

Greetings once again, fellow adventurers!

It’s time for a weekly progress report! and we’ve got some big news to share with you today.

First off, we’ve got yet another new member.  SheeP will be joining us for the QC process, primarily in the play testing aspect.  SheeP basically has been checking out how things look in game alongside myself, and offering visual references to the TL and QC staff when needed.  They’ve been a great help so far, and we’re happy to have them on board.

Secondly, our current progress. As of right now, this is how things are looking.

– Skill Names: 100%
– Quest Names: 100%
– Boss events: 100%
– Combat System: 100%
– Menus: 100%
– Quest Descriptions: 100% (QC will start shortly )
– Dialogue: 100% (75% done with QC)

By this standing, we’re all done with the translation!  However, just as we finished up I found that a new challenger appeared!

– Quest Dialogue:

There’s an entirely separate series of dialogue that pops up the first time you take a quest.  Originally, I expected it to be an entirely different location so I ended up missing it during my initial extraction.  Entirely my fault, but thanks to Archeia it has now been extracted.  While this results in 36 different sequences of dialogue, the length isn’t too bad and NinetyTwo has already started the TL.  Adding in that we have now confirmed the QC for documents 1 – 3, which covers the introduction, town,  main story and side quests, this leaves us time to devote all of our resources to taking care of the final doc.  Which will be the QC for Quest Descriptions, and Dialogue once the TL is complete.

Keeping all of that in mind, I’m also proud to announce that we’ve also come up with an official release period for the fully patched title.

We’re shooting for April 23rd as being our release date for the fully patched game.

This not only allows us to finish up what is left, but since we’ve already been play testing the game we’re already quite a bit ahead of schedule to where we feel that we can deliver a product we’re comfortable with releasing on that day.  After TL and QC is entirely complete, we’ll be doing another play testing of the game to fully affirm we’re satisfied with our work.

If everything goes well,  the next time I update will be to release the fully translated game!  We’re hoping for a nice explosion, but we’ll let you be the judges of that.

Until then, don’t spend too much time around Iris or you’ll make Claire upset.

6 thoughts on “KonoSuba! In the Life! Translation Progress Report

  1. april 23 sounds great, thanks for the hard work!

    i wonder if the game resources could be used in rpg maker to make like a sequel of this one.


    • Thank you very much for always checking in!

      Well, it’s a bit interesting. From what yuNS and I have been able to unearth or notice, it appears that more content was planned. As of right now, the game covers the Dullahan arc. However, it looks like it could of been capable of going all the way to the Destroyer arc and some assets seem to imply even further. We believe that originally more content was planned, but either something happened in terms of the deadline or so forth that caused the game to be rushed out without completing the additional content. Either that, or perhaps it was to encourage players to continue it themselves. Though, it’s most likely the former.

      With additional tile sets build, I bet that you could probably cover the entire KonoSuba series.

      The only complications I’ve noticed is that the game isn’t exactly a 1:1 of either the show or the LN. It’s closest to the light novels, so that would definitely be a good base of comparison to work off of if you were to continue the script.


  2. Wow thanks for your hardwork
    By the way
    Do we have to download it w
    Via mega?
    I checked the torrent and its consist only 20kb file
    Mega have 250mb file

    Sorry for bad english


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