An Update for 2018 With Many Explosions to Come

Greetings everyone, CyanideBlizzard here.  and boy, it’s been awhile!

Last update, I talked about making an update a week later.  It’s been quite a long week, hasn’t it?

I must apologize, as my offline career has massively occupied my free time.  However, starting in 2018 and afterwards my schedule will be far more manageable and further will be devoted to both projects.  This update is going to be breaking down that information so you know what to expect.

KonoSuba! In the Life!

I wanted to wait and get as much feedback as possible before updating the game.  The fact that we were all quite busy really helped with this.  Now that 2018 is almost here, I’m looking to be finalizing the entire project and putting it to close.

What this means is that I plan on going through and fixing as many issues as possible.  As mentioned in past updates, when it comes to anything program related I can certainly look into it but sadly it most likely is beyond my expertise and while doable I could not make any promises that any fixes made wouldn’t cause problems in other areas.

A finished patch will be released hopefully sometime midway through the year, and will be most likely be the last time we touch the project unless otherwise required.

KonoSuba! Resurrection of Verdia

This one has been quite a bit of a wild ride. yuNS has been incredibly busy with their own work, and as a result NinetyTwo has been spearheading the translation.  Sadly, NinetyTwo is now currently in Japan further enhancing their linguistic abilities.  and serenading.  But! Thanks to the tremendous work ethic of NinetyTwo, the project was translated before their departure, and now we’re in the process of importing the text.

However, the initial problem still remains.  We still need to get into the game and modify text like the Quest text.  The problem, is this text seems to be only accessible with a hex editor and after my numerous attempts I’ve learned that this is way beyond my comprehension as of this moment.  There were individuals lined up to tackle the project, but sadly one bailed and the other has been immensely bogged down and won’t be free anytime for the next few years.

The translation importing process is quite simple, in fact because of the format it’s even quicker than In the Life! was.



Sadly, once this is done we’ll be stuck in a state of suspension.  I will admit when it comes to this I’ve been like a box of rocks, so it’s very possible I’ve easily missed something.  As a result any help or support is immensely welcomed.  That way,  we can get back into the grind and work on making this the very first 100% translated version of the game.  I won’t deny that this is actually what has brought this translation to a screeching halt.  I wanted to wait for an opportunity to fully translate the entire game before actually working on importing the text.  Sadly, both opportunities that could of happened won’t anymore and I don’t want to put this off any longer.

We hope that you all have had a very explosive holiday season, even if you don’t celebrate.  May 2018 bring you plenty of explosions, and even a useless goddess if that is what you’re interested in.