KonoSuba : Fukkatsu no Beldia Translation Update

Happy 2018 explosions everyone.  I hope you haven’t been bothered by too many cabbages this year.

We’ve got some fantastic news that’ll rival spending time with Yunyun.  We’ve completed the story dialogue translation and transfer into the game!  We also could use your help with something too!


First, we’re going to be starting the QC process next and fine tuning the details such as the spacing and so forth to make sure we give you the best experience possible.  Once we’re done with this, we will consider the story dialogue section to be complete!  Praise Eris!

This brings me back to the same problem I talk about in every update.


The red boxes represent the text that still need translating, and I have to note a very important detail.

This information is not located in the dial.dat file, nor in any files available in any current versions of the game out there that I have checked.

The end result seems to be that we need someone who’s more knowledgeable in this category.  As after several attempts, and several days of research, I realized that I haven’t a clue on what I’m doing in a hex editor.  I’m more than willing to admit that sometimes there are just things we’re not good at, and hex editing seems to be that with me.

If anyone knows of an individual who would either be willing to offer a portion of their time, or perhaps point me in a better direction than what I’ve found on Google, feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss from there.  Any help is welcomed in this situation, and sincerely appreciated.

Until then, we’ll continue to try and get into the game ourselves!

Happy explosions to you all!