KonoSuba Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Greetings everyone! We really hope that you enjoyed our second release.

With that out of the way, and a bit of down time, I figured it would be a good opportunity to focus on what we’re looking into for the future.

– The biggest thing is getting someone on board who can get into KonoSuba : Verdia of the Resurrection.  I’m not thrilled about leaving that unfinished, and hopefully I can spend next year looking into getting someone involved instead of trying to (unsuccessfully) tackle it myself.

– With the announcement of a dungeon crawler KonoSuba release, most likely for 2019, I’m even more interested in translating the previously released visual novel.  We had discussed making this our next project, but because of the complications of translating for the Vita we simply never bothered.  However, with another game on the horizon I see no reason to not consider this avenue.  If you happen to know of someone that does Vita translations, or is interested in the project please do not hesitate to reach out!

We’re still exploring other options, but with more KonoSuba awaiting us how could we not explore those possibilities?  Here’s to hopefully seeing you all once again in the future!

3 thoughts on “KonoSuba Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

  1. Oh, about KonoSuba: Verdia of the Resurrection, I have a nice story to share. I think it could bring some motivation to whoever is helping in the translation of this game. It’s about the translation of a GBA game.

    Here is the active link to the project:

    And here the same post in the romhacking community (Not updated here anymore)

    I followed the translation of this game for some time, and it has been revived 2 times already. The main problem, if I remember correctly, was, and still is, as it is not still “complete”, with ROM hacking (I think it has to do with hex editing, the same problem you have), as all the text was aready translated from long ago. I even remember when they set up a public site where everyone could contribute by translating sentences or shortening the size of the already translated ones so they could fit in the game’s text boxes. Still, I think they were already successfull, as I think a 99% done translation is already perfect, really.

    What surprises me the most is that this game is the third installment of a spin-off series, which naturally makes it less popular than the first games and even than the main series, Summon Night, which already is not so known, at least in countries outside of Japan, I think. So they probably had a very hard time, and even more so as the time passed by and less people maintained the interest in the game.

    Despite all that, they managed to translate it to this point, which I sincerely think is a lot.

    I really think that you could find someone to aid you if you searched in the right places. Kono Suba has a huge fanbase unlike this game, it won’t take the same amount of time and should be much better done if you find the right people. Good luck!


    • Greetings, and thank you so very much for not only the kind words but for taking the time to type them.

      As a fan of Summon Night myself, I always enjoy whenever there is an effort to bring over more properties in the series. Especially a project like, which had mainstay GBA titles and clearly has more than enough fan interest! You’re more certainly right, persistence will always pay off in the end!

      That’s actually the initial approach I had with looking to find someone to help with the programming aspect. We were already looking at the script for Fukkatsu no Verdia near the end of In the Life! and were extremely pleased at how easily accessible the game dialogue was. Given that the only thing left was going to be the translation of quests, menus, and character names I made the decision to hold off on a quick follow-up release in the favor of a 100% translation. In hindsight I regret that, as perhaps releasing sooner could of drawn more eyes and possibly people interested in helping us in our endeavor.

      Initially I had tried to undergo the task myself, as I had a brief stint with some basic C++ back in my high school years. Boy, I was entirely overwhelmed. Even researching places such as Romhacking didn’t yield much fruit, as from what little I could understand I could not approach it in the same way a fan translation of a console or handheld game was done. I could be entirely wrong about that, but my attempts basing and using guides proved fruitless. I was also reaching out to some acquaintances and friends who were more knowledgeable than I was in hopes that they would be able to assist, as the workload wouldn’t be nearly as extensive due to the far shorter and smaller nature of the KonoSuba BD games. This, too, turned out to be a dead end as some constantly delayed, and two flaked. There were about five people initially able to do so, and then there were none.

      The end result is close to a year ended up passing with no closer point, and while it served to benefit the quality of the translation I had to make a choice to either shelve the project, or hope that putting it out there might garnish some interest and perhaps someone would reach out. So far, that has yet to be the case.

      We are very much interested in making this 100%, and most certainly will do so as well! However, after close to a year of trying on and off to do so I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from reaching out.

      I do hope that helps understand what has happened so far, and more importantly that while we are not actively searching we still have a strong desire to see this through!

      Thank you for your time, and take very good care.

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