Hello once again!  We’re extremely proud to bring to you fantastic folks yet another indie title with plenty of charm.  EasyGameStation’s ElePaperAction, a fan game based on the Read or Die series.


This is the 1.00 release of the translation, which includes a fully translated game and instruction manual.

ElePaperAction was entirely a random occurrence.  I happened to stumble upon the title and found it to be full of charm and rather fun to play.  It was an even greater surprise to learn that the game came from EGS, the same individuals responsible for the delightfully capitalistic Recettear.  ElePaperAction is a blend of a beat-em-up, and a shoot-em-up featuring the Paper Sisters from Read or Dream, and Yomiko Readman from Read or Die.

Our overall goal was to take the knowledge we had with our previous two KonoSuba releases, and to challenge ourselves even further.  To that end, ElePaperAction fit perfectly for our next work.  NinetyTwo and I had a great time working on a very nostalgic property, and we hope that our love for this property is conveyed in our work!

However, this project wouldn’t of been possible to complete without UnrealPowerz generosity and incredible unpack/repack tool, DX and his work on assisting with programming and image troubleshooting,  Jackson’s work assisting and troubleshooting the transparency issues with the images, Poitroit was also a very big help with finding the right typefaces and some image editing too, and MyDude along with some extra help from Alexis for the quality control work on the script and manual.  These individuals made this release not only possible, but what I consider to be our finest work yet.

I hope you’ll enjoy this delightful little title just as much as we did working on it.

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