KonoSuba! In the Life!


Hello everyone, I’m CyanideBlizzard and I’m proud to present a translation project started by yuNS and finished with help from Gungnir Heart, the complete translation of KonoSuba! In the Life!


This version is released as 1.03.5, using 1.03.3 as the baseline with .4 being the original finished TL and .5 being the updates included after play testing.

EDIT : MEGA has now been updated to 1.04 to represent what we consider to be the final update to translation fixes and inconsistencies.


Our goal was to create a translation that was respectful to the foundation yuNS started, while also being very faithful to the KonoSuba world.  I personally believe we’ve achieved that, while also allowing the translation to show off the work from Gungnir Heart.  To discuss a bit more about that, I thought this would be a great chance for NinetyTwo to discuss his translation.

Hello! This is NinetyTwo, the translator of Gungnir Heart!

As you know, I’ve taken up this project to continue the invaluable work that yuNS has done on the Konosuba! In the Life! game. As none of us wanted this piece of work to be wasted, I joined the project so everyone can fully enjoy the game fully translated. It was definitely no easy task to translate much of the dialogue, but luckily thanks to various references and sources to work with, it was manageable. I have to thank CyanideBlizzard for giving out the Japanese script to work with, otherwise this process would have taken much longer to handle. But thanks to his attentiveness, the project went smoothly!

While most of yuNS translation has been kept intact, I did alter some terms and names to make better sense in English. Beldia became Verdia and Crimson Demon Clan became Crimson Magic Clan are just two examples I changed to better suit Western-style names or to differentiate different groups of people respectively. I do have to give credit to all the groups that translated Konosuba’s anime and LN, as their work provided a good idea of the overall direction I believe would work best.

As a whole, I tried to make a style that kept in-line with yuNS original TL from the CDs dramas and his translations. Honorifics, certain names, and the overall attitude of the characters were kept as-is since this was originally yuNS’ project.

As such, I hope you enjoy the work we have all done to ensure completion of this game!

A big thank you to NinetyTwo for making all of this happen.  I had approached him to handle it, and without him this wouldn’t of been possible.  He was a pleasure to work with, both professional and easy going and made this project a blast despite my inexperience.  I owe him tremendously!

This is the first time either of us have tackled such a project before, and while we have spent time combing through the game to bring you the best experience we possibly can we are more than willing to admit things might of slipped through the cracks.  If there are any questions you have or errors you noticed with the text, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

Programming errors, however, I sadly cannot do anything about at this time.  Anyone who is having issues with please refer to yuNS’ page and the comment section to see if they solve the issue.  Terribly sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone, but sadly outside of quick fixes I won’t be able to get to them anytime soon.  However, once my schedule opens up more I will try to discuss with Archeia and see what we can do.

Thank you for your time, and a thank you to Archeia, Aozora Kei, Poitriot, SheeP and of course yuNS for making all of this happen. We hope that you’ll enjoy the game, as we had a blast working on it!

141 thoughts on “KonoSuba! In the Life!

  1. Hello, so i tried to download the game, but when I try to extract the Winrar files it says the archive is damaged or doesn’t support the format.
    What I have to do?(Also sorry for my bad english, is it not my native language.)


    • Greetings, that is quite interesting. I double checked with WinRAR, and there were no complications with the extraction. There’s a possibility that there was an issue with the download, so I would recommend attempting to do so once again.

      Keep me posted if there’s any other issues!


  2. Hi, I just want to comment to say thank you for completing this project. I have played this game multiple times by now and honestly, as a fan of Konosuba, I’m very happy that you guys actually translated it. I wonder if you also translate other Konosuba games such as the 2 on PS Vita. If you do then where can I find it?


    • Thank you so very much for such kind words!

      We also worked on the second KonoSuba game that came with the season 2, volume 1 Bluray release which is also available on the tab at the top of the page. Unfortunately, the console Konosuba games are a bit of a grey area. From what I’ve researched, being able to get into the titles alone is rather challenging much less being able to release them in a manner that would be playable for others.

      The announced Tsukihime remake for PS4 and Switch has a group already planning to release the game for PC, and that’s something that would have to be done in the case of the KonoSuba games. The problem, is the means to do so are undoubtedly complex. Far more so than even what general fan translation projects have to accomplish in order to release.

      While certainly doable, it would result in needing a team that would be willing to tackle such a mammoth workload. Not to mention the sheer volume of text that would be required for translation. Especially the two Vita ones, as they’re visual novels. Even the dungeon crawler seems to have a fair amount of text, but I’m not sure how much by comparison. Sadly, as a result no one has even approached these projects. You’ll find translated segments on YouTube, which is a nice alternative.

      Never say never, though! The future holds limitless potential. Plus, the nice thing is that the PS4 and Vita are region free so importing is an option for at least being able to play them either physically or digitally with a Japanese PSN.

      Sorry I couldn’t provide more assistance.


      • Thank you for reply. It seems I didn’t turn on notification via email so I got back here quite late. I never knew that there’s translated segments of the game on Youtube, its a great news for me, I’ll definitely check it out.


    • Hello there!

      Saving is a bit different in this game. In order to save, you have to rest for the day. From there, you’ll go through the selection screens of choosing to take and bath and eat a meal. From there, it’ll automatically send you into the save screen. Unfortunately, this the only way that the save screen can be accessed.

      It’s been awhile since I played, but also keep in mind that I believe X (on an English keyboard) will back you out of there without saving. I hope you’ll have a great time!


      • Hi.
        Thank you for the reply. I have forgotten to turn on my notifications last time which is why I’m late, sorry for that.

        It seems my problem was solved by reinstalling the game, The saving is now working completely fine.
        The button I used for saving was Z but Enter also works as well.
        I also wanted to add fine work of translating the game and completing it, I can now fully enjoy the game and I have you guys to thank for it.

        Thank you!


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