KonoSuba! In the Life!


Hello everyone, I’m CyanideBlizzard and I’m proud to present a translation project started by yuNS and finished with help from Gungnir Heart, the complete translation of KonoSuba! In the Life!


This version is released as 1.03.5, using 1.03.3 as the baseline with .4 being the original finished TL and .5 being the updates included after play testing.

EDIT : MEGA has now been updated to 1.04 to represent what we consider to be the final update to translation fixes and inconsistencies.


Our goal was to create a translation that was respectful to the foundation yuNS started, while also being very faithful to the KonoSuba world.  I personally believe we’ve achieved that, while also allowing the translation to show off the work from Gungnir Heart.  To discuss a bit more about that, I thought this would be a great chance for NinetyTwo to discuss his translation.

Hello! This is NinetyTwo, the translator of Gungnir Heart!

As you know, I’ve taken up this project to continue the invaluable work that yuNS has done on the Konosuba! In the Life! game. As none of us wanted this piece of work to be wasted, I joined the project so everyone can fully enjoy the game fully translated. It was definitely no easy task to translate much of the dialogue, but luckily thanks to various references and sources to work with, it was manageable. I have to thank CyanideBlizzard for giving out the Japanese script to work with, otherwise this process would have taken much longer to handle. But thanks to his attentiveness, the project went smoothly!

While most of yuNS translation has been kept intact, I did alter some terms and names to make better sense in English. Beldia became Verdia and Crimson Demon Clan became Crimson Magic Clan are just two examples I changed to better suit Western-style names or to differentiate different groups of people respectively. I do have to give credit to all the groups that translated Konosuba’s anime and LN, as their work provided a good idea of the overall direction I believe would work best.

As a whole, I tried to make a style that kept in-line with yuNS original TL from the CDs dramas and his translations. Honorifics, certain names, and the overall attitude of the characters were kept as-is since this was originally yuNS’ project.

As such, I hope you enjoy the work we have all done to ensure completion of this game!

A big thank you to NinetyTwo for making all of this happen.  I had approached him to handle it, and without him this wouldn’t of been possible.  He was a pleasure to work with, both professional and easy going and made this project a blast despite my inexperience.  I owe him tremendously!

This is the first time either of us have tackled such a project before, and while we have spent time combing through the game to bring you the best experience we possibly can we are more than willing to admit things might of slipped through the cracks.  If there are any questions you have or errors you noticed with the text, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

Programming errors, however, I sadly cannot do anything about at this time.  Anyone who is having issues with please refer to yuNS’ page and the comment section to see if they solve the issue.  Terribly sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone, but sadly outside of quick fixes I won’t be able to get to them anytime soon.  However, once my schedule opens up more I will try to discuss with Archeia and see what we can do.

Thank you for your time, and a thank you to Archeia, Aozora Kei, Poitriot, SheeP and of course yuNS for making all of this happen. We hope that you’ll enjoy the game, as we had a blast working on it!

124 thoughts on “KonoSuba! In the Life!

    • I had mentioned this is one of our updates, but basically this goes up to the Dullahan arc. However, it’s been discovered that there’s enough assets in there to go well beyond that (the Hydra is a character model in here) so the assumption is that there were plans to make it longer but for some reason they couldn’t.


  1. i’ve downloaded the v1.03.3 and reach level where Kazuma able to learn [EXPLOSION], is there anyway to move the save progress? or just move Save01.rvdata2 to v1.03.5?


      • Thanks!
        I was afraid it will cause some sort of error in the game.
        And also, how to unlock the 36th quest? When i look up at all quest i’ve been cleared it says 35/36.


    • I know it’s available based upon the coding and how it’s set up, so it should be accessible. I haven’t had a chance to play the game fully through myself since I started this, but I’ll try to look into it a bit more on the programming side, and hopefully someone else might be able to offer advice!


    • Did you try his weakness? Think back to the first season of the show and see if you’ve gotten that one certain move for Kazuma. If you’re unsure more, yuNS’ comment section talks about this bit. I hope that helps, as I don’t want to outright spoil it.


  2. As a huge fan of the anime I thank you and yuNS immensely for the awesome time I spent on this game.
    Cheers and please keep making us dream.


    • Glad to see you enjoy the game! 🙂 It is definitely a delight to work on a project such as this to ensure fans everywhere can enjoy the same games as those in Japan. Thank you very much for your support!


  3. Thank u for all the hardwork u guys have done so that we can play this game.i enjoyed it a lot but i’m stuck at dullahan boss and can’t seem to make him attack me at all even when i spray water on him.if u could help me on this point i can really be at ease since i would be able to complete the game.once again thank u all 😉


    • “When Darkness gets below 15% hp, Aqua will finish the Dullahan off!” -Excerpt from yuNS on his original post of the game.

      Also more information: “Oh, you’re actually supposed to steal the winter shogun’s sword in order to beat him, as it reduces his damage significantly. There’s even a special text. Also, I believe you need to learn elementary level magic to trigger the Beldia boss fight if you haven’t already, as Kazuma does say (I better learn it) when the old man tells you about it.” -Another excerpt from the site in regards to this boss fight.

      Trust me, you aren’t the only one having problems with this fight as it has very tricky conditions in order to trigger the fight and then finally defeat him.


      • I believe that i won against the shogun without steal. Yes it took some high mana potions on aqua so she could revive/heal darkness. In the end the sword is drop naturally. I’m also looking for the 36th quest, which I haven’t find yet.

        Many Thanks and Blessings for this Wonderfull Game !


  4. Thank you for all the hardwork!!!!
    But somehow I am facing a huge problem which doesn’t allow me to continue playing.In every map, the whole party keeps moving to the left and I can’t play the game at all. I checked and it wasn’t my computer’s problem. If there are any ways to fix this, please tell me. Thank You.


    • Greetings, and thank you so much for the kind words!

      Goodness, that sounds like quite the probelm. Unfortunately, this is also the first time I’ve heard of such an error too. Since the game is specifically input command related, I would be more inclined to check your keyboard in regards to that but since you’re not having any other issues it makes the situation all the more puzzling. Especially so since no one else has reported such an issue either to myself, or to yuNS when he was originally working on the game.

      If it’s on every map, which includes in the town areas as well, it sounds like there’s something that the game is detecting that is telling it to go in a specific direction. I’ll have to check into that, but nothing in regards to the game commands were changed. The only adjustments were made to the script and what yuNS had made prior. I’d suggest downloading another copy of the game and removing the one you’ve currently got. If the problem persists, check to see if you’ve got any other devices such as a controller plugged in. If not, sometimes my keyboard commands stick and I have to do sort of a 360 based rotation on the directional pad to break out of it. I’d also try entering the menu screen and seeing if you’re also getting the same issues because if so then it might be a hardware related issue. Entering a battle, if you can, might also be a great way since you can move left to right in there. If it’s just sticking left then I would sadly have to say it confirms a hardware related error as oppose to the game.

      Terribly sorry to hear that you’ve had such problems, and I’ll see if I can’t recreate the issue you’re having.


  5. Anyone know how to use refresh herb(from item or in battle)? I try to use it on my incapacitated members like darkness but it didn’t work.


  6. if someone looking for 35/36 quest until now well how should i say it mmm…that mission only comes out once per game and if you failed to complete it on one try it wont come out again…. here a tip for some money making become a thief not a murderer and can get 240000E in one go… there also a way to keep megumin on boss fight with winter shogun…
    and here a question can kazuma use lightning skill my kazuma used it one time


      • @Aqua sama KonoSuba has what we’d normally call “classes”, called “jobs”. So Kazuma is an Adventurer, Aqua is an Arch Priest, Darkness is a Crusader, and Megumin is an Arch Wizard. A thief is adept at earning money because thieves have useful skills like “Steal”.

        Of course, since you’re Kazuma in this game. You cannot change your jobs/classes in this game.


  7. hi, is anyone having a problem with skills?
    i’m a level 11 at the moment and i have not received a single skill point yet and am yet to upgrade or obtain any new skills.


  8. Both “Veldia” and “Beldia” are used in game. One is used in battle, and the other is used just before the battle when the dullahan names himself.


    • Chances are, that was overlooked from yuNS previous translation due to him completing those aspects of the game before I came on-board to finish the rest. I know I checked the parts I translated along with my editor for uses of “Berdia”. But I guess uses of “Beldia” were in-play too.

      Thank you for the spot! We’ll keep it in mind if we ever plan on re-releasing another version.

      If anyone spots any such errors or overlapping usage of terms, please point them out in the comments and we’ll keep them in mind for the future.


      • Exactly as Gungnir said. I was quite positive that I got everything, but it’s also highly possible that something was missed.

        I do apologize for that, and I plan on updating it before the end of the month with some other changes as well. Thank you for letting us know!


    • Thank you for your support!

      Yes, we did do a post about the second game and we truly wish to release a translation of the game. However, we need to find someone familiar with Hex Editing. If we can find someone with that technical knowledge, progress with the game will go smoothly and we can provide a fully-integrated translation for the game, much like this one.


    • Thank you so kindly, Andri!

      It’s exactly as Gungnir Heart stated. There’s other translations of Resurrection of Beldia up, but the problem comes down to the fact that there’s some text that can’t be accessed in the script. As a result, we need a hex editor to actually get into the game as once we can do that I’m positive it can be changed.

      However, the problem is finding someone to do that. The people I know are either too busy, or I haven’t heard back from and sadly it is far too complex for me to try and tackle. Especially so given my increased schedule.

      However, it doesn’t mean we have forgotten about it! I definitely want to try and tackle it again, with a different approach, before the year is up. I’ll be making an update on here with any new information, so be sure to stay tuned!


    • I don’t believe there is a way, at least not that I’m remembering right now. Myself, and mainly yuNS, discovered that there was a far larger plan with the game to go much further into the story line and for whatever reason they did not.

      As for the 36th quest, I will honestly admit I don’t remember if there was a solution discovered in accessing it or if it fell in line with some of the other assets we found in the game that fell inline with part of what I mentioned in the first paragraph.

      My apologies, as this doesn’t provide you with any assistance. Although! We do have plans to go through the game once again for releasing an update. Hopefully then we’ll be able to answer some more of these questions in more concrete details.


  9. I’ve look at the game database and apparently it actually does have the Drain Touch ability already in the assets.
    Is it alright if I hack the game so my Kazuma can use it or are you guys planning to add stuff to the game yourselves and release it later on?
    I’d probably never share mine if I happen to stop being lazy and actually do stuff with the game.

    Also I think I know what the 36th quest is. It’s the event where you meet Wiz for the first time in the graveyard, and well… you fail that quest automatically, so I guess it doesn’t register with the others.


    • Greetings! There’s actually a plan for an update, but it was primarily going to be fixing small changes and looking into a few other things that were mentioned to see what we could do. It sounds like you’re not only more able to, but already know how to get in there and fix that stuff!

      I’ve got plans to start working on the update next month, which will give me a chance to get reacquainted with the game and see how much I’ve forgotten as well.

      From that point, I’d welcome you to go as crazy as you’d like to.

      Really, an excellent find there and I sincerely thank you for letting me know. I’ll look into the Drain Touch and see if I can’t get that active in the game as well. If I end up being too much of a blockhead, I’ll be sure to inform you as well!

      Thank you once again for the notification on all of this!


      • Do you have a discord or something? I’d like to be able to talk to you or your associates working on this since I found a WHOLE LOT more stuff that I thought to be in there.

        All I’m using is the RPG Maker VX Ace > Database and I found that there’s actually a Chunchunmaru in one of the items already in the data. There’s also Mitsurugi’s Cursed Sword Gram and it’s OP AF.

        I kinda don’t know much about japanese and all the Flags are still in japanese and some of the comments too so I might break something if I mess around too much with these.

        I also recommend you guys talking to the RPGMaker general in 4chan /vg/. It’s so dead its pitiful, barely any new discussion at all. You guys might be able to liven things up a bit if you talk there.
        Who knows? Maybe if you ask, someone might be able to help you make assets for the characters that aren’t in the game yet like Vanir or Hans.

        Oh. This is where I got my VX Ace too. Maybe you’ll find something you might use since its got all the DLC.


      • First, thank you so much for your time with all of this. It’s actually rather interesting that you brought that up, because we had a discussion on a lot of that material as well prior to the translation release. yuNS and myself, mainly from yuNS, were able to discover enough assets to indicate that there was clearly a plan to make the game go on far longer than expected. We had discussed the possibility of putting them in, but the problem began something I’m sure you’ve thought of as well. I called it, “The Purist Issue”.

        On a very big end of the scale, you’ve got additional content that was hidden away which would of massively expanded on the game itself. For whatever reason(s) it wasn’t finished by the time they had to put the game on the first BD. As a fan, it’s hard to ignore that material because that would be so cool to put in the game and then flesh it out. Giving us a chance to really create a full experience and even flex our creative muscle because we’d be creating events complete with writing and so forth for these scenes. However, that also opened up the start of a few problems. Creating those scenes, they needed to completely mirror what was created to keep with the tone. While not impossible, it definitely added to what we were doing and at the time it wasn’t terrible feasible. The other issue was we were concerned with was what would the fan reaction be to basically fanfic material. You sort of end up creating two games at that point. Like how there’s the vanilla version of Vampire the Masquerade : Bloodlines that patches material and one that starts adding things in from an asset basis.

        Personally, I’m a fan of ending up with two games overall. I’ve always been a fan of fooling around with existing content and expanding upon it. The only problem was, especially since this was the initial release, we weren’t sure how people would react to us doing so. Of course, if we didn’t say anything and put the time into it we probably could of largely blended the experience. Especially since Archeia was kind enough to work with us and her own significant experience in RPG Maker. Therefore, we had decided to keep with the original vision and release the game how it was officially released. There was definitely a desire to aim for what we felt would of been the desired release, but last year the main goal was to create a 1:1 for release to give the most accurate experience possible. Though, the idea of giving someone the most complete experience had always been on our minds as well!

        However, you actually bring up a really great idea. Having one team work on and release a vanilla version that translates, and having another version that works to realize the entire possible vision. Unfortunately for ourselves, I would be the only one able to work on all of this since NinetyTwo is currently in Japan and rather occupied, and yuNS is quite focused on their log of material to go through. Sadly, I as well don’t have nearly as much time as I did when working on this, so being able to fully realize this under a time table, like what we had for In the Life!, wouldn’t be as possible. Something like updating little things and so forth is more than manageable, but when you start adding things in, writing a script, building scenes and what not the project becomes a lot more intensive. Exhilarating and exciting, absolutely, but also very time intensive and sadly that’s one thing I wouldn’t be able to commit with. That’s what largely ended up dictating only creating the 1:1 translation. It’s definitely a great idea and I do think it would be really cool to see it happen!

        I will, however, end up using that to try and find someone who possibly knows hex editing. There’s a big issue we’ve run into with the second BD game, which is getting in and accessing the text for quests, names and I believe a few other things. It’s largely stalled the project, since without that we wouldn’t be able to completely translate the game.


  10. Ok I know this games has a lot of assets and it’s unfinished. I just want to ask what is the end of the current release, I think I got all quests, defeated Winter Shogun and Valdia. I see in the editor that there’s stairs under the statue in the guild, and I haven’t managed to learn lightning.


    • Hello!

      Since they seem to of not been in the original Japanese release, we won’t be putting those in. It mainly comes down to time, because it requires us to really dig around in the code and properly connect A to B. For both of those instances, I think we’d have to be creating it ourselves which means we’d have to also be consistent with how the game has chosen to display the content and also be consistent with what has been created so far in the KonoSuba universe.

      If it was more possible, I would absolutely love to!


      • No, I meant to ask where the current game ended without all the hidden and not used content. And it seems I have reached it. Thanks for the reply


      • Ah! My sincerest apologies! I answered this early in the morning, so I’m going to say I had morning brain on this one. As you’ve discovered, the current game ends at Dullahan, but it seems to have content for the Destroyer and even a bit afterwards. Which you’ve already noticed, haha.

        I hope that you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to check this out!


    • You can still get the secondary abilities that use lightning when fighting the Gorgon.
      It’s Water + Lightning = High lightning damage to all enemies.
      Wind + Lightning = Stun all enemies.

      I actually just put the code for lightning with the other spells when learning magic but Lightning costs 10 SP instead of 2 for the sake of balance when I edited my copy of the game.
      Learning Lightning is actually already in the code it just wasn’t put in since there’s nothing in the LNs or Web Novel where Kazuma learn Lightning elemental spells.
      Probably at the end of the WN where he got infinite skill points but he still only ever uses Drain Touch most of the time.


      • Ah yes! That’s absolutely right, I had entirely forgotten that you had to combine elements to creating certain spells.

        A rather good idea there as well, just putting it in there like that! Thanks for the heads up and for the information on all of that as well!


  11. Is it possible to post links in the comments?
    I managed to keep total file size low by making the game use the RTP


    Save 12 has all the hidden stuff + additional content I just added in for fun
    You can get Drain Touch just by visiting Wiz’s shop for the first time but there’s no dialogue indicating that you’ve obtained it so just look at your Adventurer Card when you’ve visited the shop.


  12. I downloaded the game, and then tried to start it. However, when I loaded up the first screen, it said that I was missing some BGM, so it quit. I looked for the reason why it was failing, and it seems that in the files, the files aren’t titled with Japanese characters, but with the question mark things. Is there a way to fix this?


    • Kadokawa and tachi own the rights to this, so I would be very cautious on how you use it.

      If you plan on simply using it as a fan project and putting it out for free? I don’t think you’d run into any issues. Any financial transactions associated with it? Expect them to come after you.


    • Are you making sure to manually save the game?

      If so, there should be a save file that is included with the title. Try loading that and see if you can save on that one. This is the first time I’ve heard of issues with saving the title, so I’ll try to look into it!


  13. After 4 hours of gameplay, I can’t progress further.
    I’m stuck at 28/36 quests, have beaten all 3 train camps with x3 boss at once in the final spot od training camp, after rerolling for 100x time I can’t find new quests
    and as I checked yt, I miss the cutscene with new appointment with that knight from the castle which Megumin exploded everyday.

    Town level: 13
    Days since arriving: 84


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